Friday, July 20, 2012

Is "The Dark Knight Rises" Worth My Time?

The Dark Knight Rises PosterI want to start using a more set way of grading movies.  So I made a rubric.  You can find it on my other blog.  I will first address all the things on the rubric, and give you comments to explain the grade given.  After the rubric I will give you my personal over all score, and reasons.  Then I will average all the scores together.

5.  All of the characters felt real to me.  The had real personalities.  They had real problems, and real dilemmas.  They made choices that you could tell they either regretted or supported.  Very well done.

4.  Everything was good.  The camera angles and background were not legendary by any means.  They were good, but not great.  I felt like Batman's motorcycle seemed fake sometimes.  They way it moved, and bounced.  But that is it.  There were a few little lighting issues, at one point it was snowing and sunny.  Again not a huge issue.    Mostly the set enhanced the story.  There was one scene that a city street was wreaked by an explosion before an explosion happened.

4.  I wanted to give it a five here, but after looking at my rubric, I could not do it.  The beginning seemed a little too sluggish, but it quickly sped up.  There was one thing that was very predictable, but to share would spoil it for some of you.  The movie had some really fantastic themes.  And I feel it ended all the plots lines that were opened up throughout the three movies.  

My Score
4.  In comparison to "The Dark Knight," the movie fell just a little short.  Just a little.  It did not reach the same level of intensity.  Still a very very good movie.  Fits well into the story, and adds some great details, and ties the three movies together.  

Overall Average
4.25.  The movie runs about 3 hours, and a short 3 hours it is.  Appropriately rated PG-13.  It is not nearly as dark as "The Dark Knight," but defiantly has an appropriate feeling for the series.  The end might have been a little too romantic for some, but not for me.  A fine conclusion to an awesome series.  Go watch it, you will not be disappointed.