Monday, November 7, 2011

Is Pandora Worth My Time?

Pandora Radio.  Best way to listen to music online.

Pandora selects music for you based on what you tell it you like and what you do not like.  For instance, you tell it to play Daft Punk.  It may play you a Daft Punk Song, or it will play a song that is similar to Daft Punk.  You can then thumb the song up or down, and then Pandora uses that information to select a song that it thinks you will like, based on what you have thumbed up or down.

I find it a great way to discover new music.  I put in a song or artist I like, and see where it takes me.  Do I always like what it gives me, no.  Do I find music that I love and would have never heard, yes.

Is it perfect?  NO.  I have a station based on The Flobots, it is not very good.  I like The Flobots, but the music I get on the station does not fit at all, mostly because of the unique sound they produce.  But every station gets better with use.  Use it, rate the song, and move on.

"Do I have to pay?"  Good question, no.  Pandora is free, with ads. "Can I skip any number of songs if I do not like it?"  Also a good question, no.  There is a limit to the number of songs you can skip in a given time.  However, you can pay for a year subscription and receive no ads, and an increase in the number of skips. "Is buying the subscription a good deal?"  I feel as if the paid version is a good deal, for as much as I listen to Pandora.  That's a question you will have to decide for yourself, based on how much you listen, and how important the money is to you.

"Can I listen to a specific song?" No, I am sorry.  That is my biggest issue with Pandora.  No matter how old, unpopular, strange, loud, fast, or whatever.  You are very lucky if you name a station after a song, and hear that song right away.  Although, you will most likely hear the song, eventually.

Pandora has a large variety of music to pick from.  And everyday I listen I find something new.  So Yes, Pandora (Paid) is worth my time, and honestly, so is the free version, I just don't like ads.