Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is DLC Worth My Time?

Downloadable Content.  

For those of you who are too young to remember, or are forgetful, games used to be released, played for awhile, and then MAYBE, if the game was good enough, the developers would release an expansion.  Sometimes even two if the game was really good.  

But with the onset of faster and faster internet, game developers saw a way to make more money.  DLC.  Some DLC is fantastic, and other DLC is very poor.  Some people view DLC like in this cartoon.  (http://desuchan.com/post/view/1888?search=comic)

And I don't disagree.  Some game developers release a game missing very needed content, just so they can turn around and sell it to you like its extra content.  On the other hand, some DLC is perfect, not needed for the game, but a nice little addition.  

One way too look at DLC is to view it as a mini expansion pack of the game.  If you do not like the game, buying this will not help you like it more.  Another way is to see when it is released.  If it is released way after the release of the game, it might be okay.  The issue is when it is released at the same TIME as the game. There is a very big possibility that it was originally supposed to be IN the game, but taken out to make a little more green.  

One last way to safe guard against bad DLC,  DO YOUR RESEARCH!  See what others are saying about it.  Find out what you get and how much it really adds.  I have lost track of the DLCs that I have bought and been disappointed with.  It happens.  

So is it worth your time? I don't know.  It depends on how much you value your money.  There are some really great DLCs available.  Some that really add to the game, and some that do not.  Make sure you know what your getting, before you buy, and never buy it in hopes of making an unplayable game playable.